Shall We Dance?

There are a lot of things about us as humans that make us unique. We have a spine structure that allows us to stand on our two feet as opposed to most other mammals. We have the ability to think and communicate thought in language. We have the ability to use utensils. And how about this one.... we have the ability to dance.

I believe that dancing is part of what makes us unique as man made in the image of God, and that we got that "ability" from God. Early theologians, talking about the love of God, called His love the "perichoresis".... a compound word meaning to dance around.

And so we, made in the image of God Who was motivated to create us in love, dance as God Himself dances... This is what makes us unique among creation... Dogs don't dance. Cats don't dance. And our "evolutionary" grandfathers (as some people believe) the monkeys don't dance.

But we dance, because we were made to celebrate the love of God... (remember David?)

So we really should be "dancing in the aisles as we celebrate His love... The only problem is I DO NOT HAVE VERY MUCH RHYTHM!!! HA!