Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

In the various tasks of life, there are usually many different ways that we can accomplish the tasks at hand. For example, when mowing my lawn. I can edge first, then, weed-eat and trim, and then mow... or I could mow first, then weed-eat and trim, and then edge... or - you get the idea!

When God created man, there are of course many various ways that He could have done so. When He created the birds, and the sky, and the earth the method He chose was "to speak" those things into being.

But when it came to man, God chose a very different method. He made man with His own hands. Significant? I think so. God made our bodies special and unique. As such, we are to treat them with respect and dignity. The human spine, if you have ever studied it, is a hugely powerful apologetic for the existence of God. We are truly, as Ps 139 says, "Fearfully and wonderfully made."

But let's go further.... that fearfully and wonderfully made body was not yet alive. Here again, God could have just spoke life AT US and we would have been alive. Instead, He chose to "breathe the breath of life into us." Significant? Absolutely, and missed by so many of us. God never does anything without meaning and purpose.

May I suggest to you that you ponder how intimate this method of bringing us to life was? He literally "kissed us into life." And what is a kiss? It is an intimate expression of love. God did not speak us into life, He kissed us into life with a kiss of love. He wanted us to know from the very beginning of our existence, that our purpose in being created was that we were created to be loved by God! HE LOVED YOU FROM THE VERY BEGINNING AND LOVES YOU STILL TODAY! His intention in our very creation was that we would literally breathe His love. WOW!