Simply Being Right Isn't God's Sole Intention For Us.

It seems to me that the church, as I have observed it, has made the issue of "Being Right" it's main agenda. Don't get me "wrong"... being "right" is very important. We better be "right" about Who God is and what He has done and longs to do in and through us as we trust Him by faith... I myself study Father's Word intently because I want what is right, I want the truth because I want the freedom that truth brings. But being right in and of itself was never the intended goal. That would be like getting a paycheck and never cashing it. By the way, I have especially seen this agenda among those who "claim" to know the grace of God, after all, we are "right...right?" But if we truly are "right" about the grace of God, then should we not be known by "LOVE"? Dare we say it, yes, by our love for the legalist and the religionist and even for those who disagree with our grace?

Father's Word does not say we will be known as His disciple if we have "right" doctrine... but rather that we will known as His disciples by our "love"... You see, LOVE is the evidence that we are right. Love is cashing and spending the check of being right... Love is the proof that we have come to know God and the He, the lover, lives in and through us by faith.