'Your failure has done nothing to change my mind about you.' - Jesus

We as believers have all taken our turn at making great boasts for God. Lord, I will follow you no matter what! Lord, I will go through whatever you have for me, trusting you all the way! Lord, I will do whatever you call me to! And... we have all failed so often in our boast! When that has occurred, the enemy of course has been right there to whisper in our ears, perhaps even shout into them, that God could never use us again. Perhaps he has even slandered us by calling into question if we are even the children of God. After all, how could we be people of faith and yet live so faithlessly?

Well, to all of us who have been so boastful and failed, to all of us who have been slandered by the accuser, take comfort from the life of a man named Peter. Peter had made great boast before God, only to have denied Jesus three times. How does that bring comfort you might ask?

In John 21, sitting around a campfire, Jesus asks Peter, whether or not Peter loves Him. The kicker in this passage is that Jesus asked this question three times... THREE TIMES! Obviously, Jesus was reminding Peter of his failure (as if he needed reminding)...

No, my friends, that is not really the issue. The key is that each time Peter answered the question, that yes, he did love Jesus, Jesus responded by saying, "Feed my lambs!" Why is that significant? Because that is exactly what Jesus had commissioned Peter to do before he failed so miserably. In other words, Peter, even though you were so boastful and prideful, and even though you failed so miserably, you are still my guy that I have chosen to use in my kingdom work. Your failed boast has done nothing to change my mind about you! One thing we must once and for all lay hold of if we are to stand against our accuser,is that there is no one who can "outsin" the grace and calling of our Lord Jesus. NO ONE!