How Much Will God Give You?

There are many phrases that are often quoted in church, but not in the Bible: 

"Cleanliness, is next to godliness." That is a good one, cleanliness is important, but it has nothing to do with godliness. NOT IN THE BIBLE!

"God helps those who help themselves." A good call for a work ethic, but again NOT IN THE BIBLE!

"God will never give you more than YOU can handle." Sounds good, but again NOT IN THE BIBLE!

There is a verse in the Corinthian letters, that God will not allow you to be "tempted" beyond what "you" are able because "HE" will provide a way out... but that is talking about temptation, not the traumas of living in a fallen world (though the enemy can use those physical traumas to tempt us)...

The truth is that God will allow more than you can handle in this world in terms of physical trouble. In II Cor 1, Paul says that so much trouble had come into his life, that he was despairing of life. Can you imagine what would happen in our modern church with its health and wealth doctrines if Paul shared that in a testimony meeting? He would probably be rushed off the stage.

Paul had so much trauma in his life that he despaired of life, until he recognized, affirmed, and experienced in the present moment that God was allowing the experience of death in this fallen world to lead Paul to God, so that in faith Paul would experience at that very same moment the resurrection power of God!

Just to make sure we understand this, Paul repeated it again in II Cor. 4. Every day he said, he experiences death in this fallen world, that he might also experience the power of the resurrection life of Jesus that overwhelms his experience of death.

And again in II Cor. 12, Paul said it a third time, that God is on an agenda of making us weak (bringing to us more than we in our own strength can handle). Why would God do such a thing? So that when we look to Him in faith, we will find ----- NOT that our strength is sufficient, but that His is.

The truth is that God will allow into our lives MORE THAN WE CAN HANDLE, to expose to us our true state of utter and desperate weakness apart from Him. In this manifestation and revelation of our weakness, we are offered the provision of His strength.... and by faith we find Him to be God to us in ways that we never would have known before.

Knowing this profound promise of strength, and incredible experience of God, Paul then said, "bring on the afflictions"!!!

Can I paraphrase this dear man?

Though these "trauma times" in life may be more than I can handle, they are not more than God can handle, and through them, I come to know and experience God and the power of His very own glorious, resurrection LIFE in ways I never knew before...."