How Did Jesus Do What He Did?

We are going to take a test today. Question: How was Jesus able to do all He did?

  • He walked on water. Healed the sick. Raised the dead.
  • He loved His enemies, was kind and compassionate.
  • How was He able to do all that?

(Stop reading and answer the question!)

Most often, the answer I hear is that He was able to all that because He was God. If that is correct, then that is BAD NEWS for us! Why? Because we are called to live as He lived. Of course, that does not mean that we are to walk on water and raise the dead, but we are called to love our enemies and be merciful and compassionate. The problem, of course, is that we are not God and therefore lack the resources to live as He lived.

Is there a better answer to how He lived the life He did? YES! John 6:57 says that Jesus lived "OUT OF" the Father. Jesus, (Phil. 2) lived in a dependent relationship with the Father. That is why Jesus said He can nothing apart from the Father. He spoke and judged only as the Father told Him (John 5, 8)

Jesus made this reality very clear in John 14 when He said that the works He did were the works of the Father.

So who walked on the water? Jesus did. 
But He would say the Father did it through Him.

Who fed the 5,000? Jesus did. 
But He would say the Father did it through Him.

So did Jesus or the Father feed the 5,000? YES! 
They both did.

This is GOOD NEWS because this means we can live the way He lived. NOT by imitating His behavior but by imitating His method. To live the Christian life we depend on Jesus, the exact same way He depended on His Father. John 6:57 affirms that to us. There, Jesus said, "As I live 'OUT OF' the Father, so you live 'OUT OF' Me!"

By the way, that is why Jesus said in John 15, that without Him, we can do nothing. The Christian life is not something we do, it is really a Someone we get to participate with by faith. Living the Christian Life is really experiencing the living Jesus living His LIFE through us.

This world, especially in these dark days, desperately needs to see and experience His love, compassion, and mercy multiplied in as many lives as will trust Him by faith...