We are NOT against Law!

Let's have a "Greek" lesson today, a very necessary "Greek" lesson!

If you walk in or teach the economy of grace in any way, shape, or form, that we are no longer under law but under grace, you are very likely to be labeled or even attacked as being "antinomian". That is a compound word from the Greek language - "anti" meaning against and "nomos" meaning the law. So these people are saying that we are "against the law."

To be quite "FRANK" with you, that makes me bristle. I am not against the law. I love the law, as every true Christian does. Why? Because as Romans teaches us, through the law we gained the knowledge of sin and began searching for a way of forgiveness. Through the law, as II Cor teaches, we experienced death and condemnation and recognized our need of a Savior. And then, as Galatians teaches us, the law literally "drove us to our Savior." So please, dear one, do not label me with an accusation that is thoroughly NOT my heart! I love the law... so no, I am definitely NOT antinomian.

But then again, I guess I am antinomian. WHAT? Please understand that "anti" not only means against, but it can also mean instead of. Am I against the law? Absolutely not, I love the law. But am I instead of the law? Absolutely - I would much rather have the living Christ in me, empowering me with His own life than an external code that I have to try and emulate!

Most people are using the term antinomian and don't really understand the full meaning of the word. Now, you do... which means you can really mess with them. When they call you antinomian, you can tell them, "Well, yes I am, but then again, I am not!" Then, you can proclaim the glory of the New Covenant to them.... that we are certainly NOT against the law, but we are for sure instead of it! We have something far greater - the Living Christ experienced and expressed through our very lives! Wow!