Extending Grace to Others: A Difficult Task!

GRACE! It is more than a doctrine that we learn in our mind. It is an economy for living… and even more than that: it is a Person that provides that economy.

In Titus 2, we are told that “the grace of God appeared, bringing salvation to all men.” So grace, though a doctrine to be sure, is a doctrine about a Person who brought us forgiveness and most important of all – LIFE! He brought us His LIFE, to be experienced by us, and to be expressed through us. Those are the two key elements for which we have received grace, to experience it for ourselves and live in freedom, and to express it to others so that they can live in and experience freedom. 

I define grace as: “Being delivered from the economy of performing in Adam, and being placed instead into an economy of receiving, all that God is to all that we need at the moment of faith.”

So grace is trusting God, to be “our everything” in the moment in which we find ourselves. That to be sure, is no easy task. It is hard to trust a God we cannot see against all that we can see. That is why Hebrews tells us to “labor to rest.” It is hard work to deny the fleshly resources that are all too easy to live out of and trust God instead. Again, this is no easy task. 

An even more difficult task is extending grace to others. I am finding in the movement of grace that we as a people are much better at receiving grace than we are extending it to others. Yet, to fail to extend grace is to live in incomplete grace. So, let me help you out.

If you want to know if you are not only experiencing grace but expressing grace as well, go to those closest to you and ask them these questions. “Are you able to relax around me? Are you able to let your hair down and be yourself around me, or do you have to be on guard with what you say and what you do when you are in my presence?” Please tell them to answer honestly, because you really need to know the status of your own walk of grace. 

Hear me on this! No one, not even the enemies of Jesus, was ever afraid to be in His presence, and He is the epitome of grace. I do not want people to be fearful or on guard in my presence. I want to be such an expression of grace, that people will want to be able to relax and be themselves when they are around me.

How about you?