How did Jesus do what He did?

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How was Jesus able to do what he did? He walked on water, healed the sick, raised the dead? How was He able to do that?

Do not gloss over that question. It is a very important one because we are called to live the way He lived. Oh, not that we are to walk on water and raise the dead, but certainly in the other things He did like having compassion on the neglected outcast, loving His enemies, and being kind to others. How did He do that?

Most people answer because "He was God!" That, my friends, is a horrible answer. Think about it. If He was able to love the unlovely, and love His enemies because He was God, that means we are NEVER going to be able to live the way He lived - because He is God and we are not!

The real answer? He was able to what He did
because He lived constantly dependent on His Father.

John 6:57 says "I live out of, or from (Greek = ek) the Father. That is why Jesus said in John 5 "I can do nothing without the Father. That is why in John 14 Jesus said the works He did were really the works of the Father. 

  • When Jesus walked on the water, it was the Father walking on the water through Him.
  • When Jesus fed the 5,000 it was the Father feeding them through Him.
  • When Jesus loved the unlovely and His enemies, it was the Father loving them through Him.

Now, this is GOOD NEWS! Because Jesus also said in John 6, that just as He lives out of, or from the Father, now we, in turn, are to live "out of, or from (greek = ek) Him. 

We can live as He lived, loving the unlovely, loving our enemies, being kind and compassionate as we trust HIm to live His life through us. Fascinating, but just as Jesus said He can do nothing without the Father (John 5), He also said without Him we can do nothing (John 15). 

Listen, we do NOT imitate Jesus behavior. All that will offer others is cheap, human counterfeit. We imitate His method. Just as He lived dependently on HIs Father, so we are to live dependently on Him. This is how we will live as He lived. GLORY!