Go. Be an apostle.

If ever there was a man who LOVED to herald his role in life, it was the Apostle Paul. Dare we say that he "boasted" in doing so? I am comfortable with that because I believe he also proclaimed just as loudly why he boasted so in his role.

Allow me to explain.

In I Timothy, even to a letter that was NOT written to the church, but to a close friend, he stated loudly that He was an apostle of Jesus Christ. Hmmmm.... Strange! I would have expected him to so identify himself as Timothy's friend...

But if you read on, we learn why he was so amazed to be an apostle. After what he had done in life, persecuted the church, sought out and murdered Christians, he found that God could so deal with his sin, remove it so far from him, transform him, crucify, bury, and resurrect him so brand new, that even this kind of man could be put into the service of God. When Paul boasted that he was an apostle, he was really boasting in how great the grace of God was.

Oh my friend, have you committed "that sin" that the enemy has you thinking that you could never, ever again be used of God? Please know, that the grace of God is bigger than your sin. Though you and I can never be an Apostle, we can be an apostle. 

The technical form of the word 'apostle' means one of the original followers of Jesus, a man who was personally trained and commissioned by Jesus Himself. Paul is included in this of course, because of His Damascus road calling and training from the Holy Spirit during his three year hiatus from public life.

So, we can never be an APOSTLE, but we can however, be an apostle. The basic root of the word meaning one sent to equip. I believe every one of us should boast in that calling. Just like Paul, we may have sinned horribly, but even if we sinned horribly after becoming a Christian, there is not a man nor a woman that has ever sinned bigger than the grace of God! God can take you and make you so brand new that He will consider you worthy to be used in His service. Why? To tell others of His marvelous grace! I found this poem I would like to share with you:

"Life can never be dull again... 
When once we've thrown our windows open wide...
And seen the mighty world that lies outside,
And whispered to ourselves this wondrous thing,
We are wanted, for the business of the King!

Go! Be one "sent to the world', share your story of how the grace of God has touched your life so that others can be equipped to face this world with His grace too!"