Forgiveness and The Prodigal Son

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One of the most difficult tasks we have as human beings is forgiving those who betray our trust. What is even more difficult, is that after we have forgiven them, we find it hard to trust them again. Perhaps that is why we very often feel that way with God. We think to ourselves, oh He has forgiven me, but He will NEVER trust me again, of that I am sure. NOT TRUE!

Do you remember the story of the Prodigal Son? He took one third of the family fortune in an early inheritance. He was so selfish that he could not even wait for his father to die! Then, he spent that fortune on an incredibly sinful lifestyle. Finally, destitute, he came home to his father with his tail between his legs, wondering if his father would receive him back. At that point, the father put his own robe on the boy, shoes on his feet (so no one would know he had been a slave), and then he gave the boy his ring. This my friend, was no simple ring. It was the family signet ring, the credit cart of the ancient world. 

Think about that! He took one third of the family fortune and wasted it, and the father provides him the rest of the family fortune at his fingertips. In essence, the father was saying, “Son, I want you to know, that in spite of what you have done, I believe in you and I trust you!” Amazing? 

Yes, but let’s go even more outlandish! Consider the Apostle Paul, formerly known as Saul. He was the great arch enemy of the church. He hunted down and killed Christians! Do not read that lightly! He killed our heavenly Father’s kids! Then, he comes to faith, and what does our heavenly Father do? He makes this man an apostle, the supreme caretaker of the rest of His kids! Paul, not only do I believe in you, I trust you with my other children. 

Dear Child of God, you may have sinned horribly, but know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the mercy and grace of God is so great, that He not only forgives you, He believes in you, and He trusts you. He is truly a great, great God!