Jesus Is My Mediator.

In the New Testament, we are told that there is "ONE MEDIATOR". There is only one, and that is great news. Missionaries from a few centuries ago reported that one of the great reliefs that came to the various tribes was the glory that they no longer had to worry about appeasing a multiplicity of gods, that would be very akin to a polygamist having to please multiple wives. No easy task to be sure. 

The greatest relief of all, of course, was that this God of the Bible did not need appeasing by any man, for He had already paid the ransom for us all. The law demanded death, and He paid the price in our stead - Oh the glory of the love this God of the Bible has for man. 

But it gets better... In Job 9:33, the major complaint of Job was that there was no umpire between him and God, someone who could put His hand in both God and man's hands and place them together. This is what our One Mediator also accomplished. In a very real sense, God, though He knows all things, could never really "get man." 

Before you consider me a heretic, think about this. God could never know what it was like to be tempted, to be weak, to feel fear, or to be betrayed, or to die.

But because Jesus became man and experienced all
those things personally - God in Christ now "gets us."

And man, because He is so much smaller than God, can never really "get God." But in the person of Jesus, God clothed with skin, man could now see the glory of God in a safe way and not be blown to bits. Because of Jesus, we can now see God for what He is really like, and "get God" - sort of! 

This is what Jesus did. He is the one Who alone could put His hand in God's hand, and put His other hand in our hand, and bring us together so that we could "get each other" in a wonderful relationship of love, grace, and mercy. There is ONE MEDIATOR between God and man, and I hope you know Him. HIs name is Jesus!