Prayer's Posture...


I was recently at an event for young people. An adult opened and closed with prayer. Each time he called the kids to "bow their heads and close their eyes." Hmmmm.....

Now, I understand the heart behind that. We are honoring the sovereign, almighty God of the universe with our posture. But, I function as a teacher, and I wonder what we are communicating to young people if that is our consistent approach to prayer. Are we saying inadvertently that we are "coming into His presence" at that moment?

That would be a mistake because WE LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE!

Or are we focusing on His mightiness and missing the relational aspect of what Christianity is supremely about?

I am a father, and when my kids talk to me, I do not want them bowing to me with their eyes closed. I want to see their eyes and look into their heart. Supremely, though, through my body language I want them to see my heart for them.

The almighty, sovereign God of the universe has come to man, as man, in the Person of Jesus. Just before He departed this earth, He told us in John 17 that He gave men, God's name. I believe that name is "FATHER", and He wants ABOVE ALL ELSE, a relationship with us. He did not secure us so that we would obey Him, serve Him, or worship Him, though all those things we do. He is NOT the supreme co-dependent of the universe. Please know, that He does not need us!

The supreme desire of His heart is for us to have a parent - child relationship with Him. With us learning of His love for us and responding in love to Him.

Perhaps our posture in prayer could exemplify that sometimes, maybe even right now.