Forever Creating...

God is a creator!   That is Who He is.

God is a creator! That is Who He is.

In I Cor 13 we are told that faith, hope, and love endure even when we are in heaven. One might be tempted to ask, why we will need hope in heaven when we will have arrived into the perfect state. The key lies in the definition of hope.

Hope is the confident expectation of MORE TO COME!

The glory of heaven is that there will always be more to embrace and experience because God is infinite and eternal. Please hear me, heaven is not going to be the eternal church service in the sky! That would be boring! We must take care to not see heaven through the eyes of the earthly realm but through the nature and character of God.

God is a creator! That is Who He is.

What would make us think that a created universe could ever exhaust His creative ability? In other words, my personal conviction is that He is going to be eternally creating new and wondrous things. Further, since He created us to share His love with us and express His love through us, and since in His Word He created us to reign with Him in glory, and since He made us in His image, that means we are “little creators.” I believe that He is going to include us in His infinitely creative work for all eternity!

I would liken it to a kaleidoscope. Have you ever looked into a kaleidoscope? When you do, you see this panoramic expression of multi-colored and multi-faceted shapes and you marvel at what you see. But there is more. All it takes is a slight rotation of the kaleidoscope and the shapes and colors change. Every time you turn the kaleidoscope, this phenomenon occurs and you can literally stare for hours and hours and herald "ooh" and "ah" as you observe this glorious creative display. That is what heaven will be like for us as we live in hope, the confident expectation of more, which will be delivered to us by our infinitely Glorious Creator and Father!