Scan The Horizon

You see, God did all those things to us and for us so that His LIFE could flow through us!

You see, God did all those things to us and for us so that His LIFE could flow through us!

Over these last many years we of the grace community have fought hard to proclaim loudly what God has done to us and for us in the finished work of Christ! We have heralded that we were crucified with Jesus, have been resurrected in Jesus, that we are seated in heaven, have been made righteous, have been made the children of God, are now saints and not sinners, that we have been completely forgiven, and so many other wonderful truths that the body of Christ desperately needs to know.

I wonder though if we have focused so much on what has been done, that we might be neglecting what needs to be done! You see, God did all those things to us and for us so that His LIFE could flow through us! Case in point: Titus 3:8.

“This is a faithful saying” – Own that statement! Paul only uses it in the Pastoral letters. Just released from prison, realizing that he is on borrowed time, he uses this phrase to highlight very important issues like Jesus came into the world to save sinners (I Tim 1:15). So what he is about to say is VERY important!!!

And what does he say?

We who have believed in Christ are to “be careful” – Normally we use this phrase in a negative context to maintain a diligent scrutiny of our environment. BE CAREFUL – there are lots of bad things out there in this world. This is the only time Paul uses this verb in the New Testament and he uses it in a positive instead of a negative manner. BE CAREFUL – Scrutinize your environment, be watchful, be aware, scan the horizon --- so that we can “engage in good works”.

We are to scan the horizon, looking for every opportunity to “DO” good works!

To not only live our lives in a righteous manner as individuals, but also to live in such a way that we sacrificially love and serve others whenever and wherever we can. In fact, the word “engage” is actually used elsewhere to “take the lead, or be the best”.  In other words, the grace of God NEVER makes us lazy or slack in our walk with God. It actually intensifies our walk as we release the LIFE of Jesus to the world around us.

Grace people are intended by God to be the best servants, the best friends, the best helpers, the best worshippers. I have a plaque on my wall that says, “Do the kindest things in the kindest way” – That is what real Grace People do.

It just comes naturally to them, because the “GOOD ONE” lives in them.

Let me put it this way: We are to so live our lives that people see that we have been given new and beautiful hearts in the New Covenant economy (Ezek. 36), and their being able to see our beautiful hearts will prompt them to ask, “I love your heart! Where do I get a heart like that?”

And then, we can simply introduce them to the One Who transformed our lives – We can tell them about Jesus!

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