Believing in a God You Can’t See When Life is at it's Hardest


What enabled Jesus to fight the good fight all the way to the finish? It was the power of the Life of the Father within Him. Jesus received the strength within Him to not waiver before Pilate who was going to crucify him. He continued faithful proclaiming the Gospel, He didn't waiver once.

In 1 Timothy, Paul gives an entreaty saying “I charge you, I command you, protect and proclaim the gospel. Don't let false teachers take you astray in this thing.” That word “entreaty” can be translated two different ways, as a “humble request,” or as an “earnest request.” I think in this context it’s safe to say that this is an “earnest request,” because of the language which states, “I charge you, I command you,”

Jesus saves men for free, so we have got to make sure that no one adds man to this message. And you know what, that is not an easy task for you and I as we fight the race of faith. It's hard to believe in a God that you cannot see when all you see are the obstacles in front of you. I have people in my office all the time who are wavering and I understand that waiver, don’t you? 2 Corinthians tells us that we get afflicted, we get perplexed, we get cast down, we get persecuted; the Christian life is not easy, and it's not for cowards.

I love what 1 Peter chapter 1 says, “We believe that which we do not see.” That requires tenacity friends! I think one of the greatest gospel songs ever written was written by the rock group Journey, “Don't stop believing, hang on to that... Jesus!” Isn’t that what it says?! Well, that’s what it’s should say because I'll tell you what my friends, we can''t hang on to a feeling. If we do we’ll be dead in the water because our feelings go up and down and all around. But when we’re hanging onto Jesus, we’re secure, no matter what is happening in our lives.

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