Baby Jesus: Redeemer, King and Lord of the Universe


Well, it's Christmas Eve and the hustle and bustle is over and it's time now to take a big breath and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

One of the ways our family has done this over the years is by celebrating communion at home as a family. We read the Christmas story and then we break the bread and drink the wine in commemoration, and in memory, of the fact that this little baby is not the issue. The baby came to be one of us, to be what the Old Testament calls our "kinsman redeemer."

He could not have been a redeemer if he were not one of us, and so he came to die. We want to keep that in the forefront of our memory because it's so easy to look and say, "Oh, look at the precious baby Jesus, the precious baby Jesus." He is the Lord God of the universe! He came as man to be crucified, to restore us to himself. He is the wonder of the humility of God. Let's celebrate that together, do it as a family. The communion table belongs to you, not the churches. It belongs to us as individual Christians. We can share that table alone, we can share it with our families, we can share it with our friends. You don't need a "professional" minister to be able to do that.

Have a great celebration of the King who came to die - so great was his love.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you.

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