He is With You Today


Good morning - Christmas morning!

Ordinarily, I wouldn't try to share anything with you on this day; it's a day for you and your family, but I want to invade your space today because Christmas isn't necessarily a joyous time for everyone.

Christmas can be a very difficult time for so many people because there's sickness and death in this world and we have to celebrate this wonderful celebration, this wonderful commemoration of God coming to Earth as a baby, but we do it with a mixed heart because we've lost a loved one, or we're alone and there are no friends or family around.

Please hear me on this day; because Jesus came and then returned to heaven, He completed his mission by sending the Holy Spirit to live inside of you, which means that you are never alone. There's never a moment that you're not loved, and never a moment that you are not accepted. You may feel alone, you may feel forgotten, but He knows you. He's with you. As the Old Testament tells us, He has tattooed your name on His hand. He can never, ever forget you.

I pray that though this day brings tears down your cheeks, the Holy Spirit will send the warmth of the peace, love, mercy and grace of his own presence deep into your heart today.

May you know that He loves you.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

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