Connecting the Dots: How to Trust God in This Dark World

Are you struggling? Becoming overwhelmed? Connect the dots in your own life of how God has been faithful to you. Connect the dots and let your heart be encouraged, let your faith be strengthened. Let your walk be dramatically empowered as you look at His faithfulness. This is what Habakkuk did. 

Habakkuk looked upon the nation of Israel, and Israel was in trouble. He cried out to God and God said, “I see, and I'm going to wipe them out.” Habakkuk was thinking more along the lines of revival but God said no. He was going to wipe them out and use the wicked Chaldeans to do it. 

Habakkuk continued to ask God questions, but there was silence. He decided to go up into his prayer tower, and he told God that he wouldn’t come down until He answered him. Two weeks went by and God said, “Trust Me.” That's it, that was all Habakkuk got. The just shall live by faith. 

So, he comes down from his prayer tower and he begins connecting the dots: God, you parted the Red Sea, you made the sun stand still, you knocked down the walls of Jericho—Bring on the Chaldeans. Though the fig tree doesn't blossom, though there's not going to be any fruit on the vine, yet I will trust you. 

Father, Your Word is great, because it's the truth about You and all that You want to be to us. May every one of us put our faith in You, may our hearts be encouraged today, our faith strengthened, and our walk transformed, because of who You are. In the midst of this very dark world, we cling to you Father because we know You're going to cling back to us. In Jesus name. Amen.

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