Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

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I’m going to highlight for you what I believe is one of the most important verses in the New Testament. In the book of Acts 17 the apostle Paul went to Berea and there he taught them the word of God. But here’s what’s so special. After they listened to him the Bereans went home to search the scriptures to see if what he said was really true (Acts 17:11). I hope you understand what a desperate need there is for you to do that and for me to do that today.

You know, years ago when I first began to teach the grace of God, you didn’t need more than your fingers and toes to count the people who were teaching the grace of God. But we’re in a wave of momentum and so many people are jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve read some of the new books that are out, and I’ve listened to some of the new speakers, and I’m greatly concerned that they do not necessarily know the grace they’re talking about. We’ve got to remember, my friends, that there are two fathers in this world. There’s the Father of light, our great God, and there’s the father of lies. And the father of lies is very active in this world. What he does as a strategy is he takes truth and speaks truth and puts just a little bit of lie in it. It’s enough truth to sound good, but there’s enough lie to knock us off course. Remember, Adam and Eve and the serpent? “God said, you shall not touch that tree.” God never said don’t touch the tree. He said, “Don’t eat of the tree.” There was enough truth in what the serpent said to get her to listen to him, but there was enough lie to cause her to stumble in a very bad way.

No matter who you’re listening to, even me, I want you to search the scriptures and see if what that teacher is saying is true. If it’s true, follow them, listen to them, and keep searching and making sure they continue to speak truth. If it’s not true, run as fast as you can. Lies are nothing to play with. Be alert in this world, it’s a dangerous place. Walk close with God.

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