Everything you Need to Know to Run the Race


We don't run this race in our own strength. The verses in Isaiah chapter 40 are ones we’ve heard so many times before. “Young men grow weary, even the vigorous young men grow tired and stumble, but those who will wait on the Lord,” and that word “wait” in Hebrew is “abide,” so it’s saying those who “braid” with Him. And it goes on to tell us that they shall what? Renew their strength? No, the Hebrew word “renew” means “exchange;” they will exchange their strength.

In the midst of that weary, long race of faith, if you keep your eyes on Him, and abide with Him, even though your strength becomes exhausted, He has promised that His never will. And because we run this race in His strength, you can mount up with wings like eagles and run and not grow weary. You CAN finish the race.

In verse 12, it says, “Lay hold of that eternal life to which you were called.” In other words, you already have eternal life, now lay hold of it! Lay hold of Him and the abundant life that He's brought to you.” I would put it this way, as you live in a natural world, make sure you lay hold of the supernatural life that is within you, waiting to be released through you.

This is a very important issue, my friends because though we strive, we must remember that our striving is not against each other. We strive WITH each other. We're not competing against one another, we're all in the same race to lay hold of the same prize. We compete with each other against all that comes against us, and if something comes against another person, we’re ready to step into their lives and assist them in that which has come against them. Likewise, when something comes against me, you stand ready to step in with me and help me to run that race.

Beloved, we must never forget that we're not competing against each other, we're competing against this world, and the false teachers, the enemy, and sin in the flesh. That's why I love the quote, “Keep your faith with a trowel in one hand for building others, and a sword in the other for battling.”

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