God Doesn’t Care Who You Used To Be

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Throughout the book of Ruth, Ruth has been given an established identity. You know the story. Naomi and her husband Elimelech moved during a famine to Moab. Moab was an arch enemy of Israel and in fact, in the Old Testament it said a Moabite is not allowed in the assembly of God. While they were there, Elimelech died and Naomi’s two sons married Moabites. Then her two sons died and Naomi finally came home. And she brought her daughter-in-law, Ruth, a Moabite, home with her to Israel. And so throughout the whole story of her life in Israel, the writer of Ruth calls her “Ruth the Moabitess,” “Ruth the Moabitess,” “Ruth the Moabitess.” He gives her an identity based on her birth—based on her race. You know, the world is always giving us identities. The enemy is always trying to give us an identity based on our behavior, based on things we’ve done. But in the third chapter of Ruth an amazing thing takes place. Boaz one of the princes of Israel marries Ruth. And he stands in the city gates and tells everyone “Ruth the Moabitess...she will be my wife” (Ruth 4:10). She will be my bride. He doesn’t try to hide it. He doesn’t try to cover it. He uses the name of shame and he says, “She will be my bride.” Do you see what’s happening there? Boaz is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ and He says to us through Boaz and Ruth, “I don’t care where you’re from. I don’t care what your race, I don’t care what your economic status is, I don’t care what you’ve done, how many times you’ve done it, who you did it with, where you did it. It does not matter what shame you bear. I want you to be My bride.” And the great glory that is in Ephesians chapter five is that He washes us clean. He cleanses us and He makes us beautiful brides (Ephesians 5:26).

I’m a beautiful bride. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done in my life—I’m a beautiful bride. And if you’ll put your faith in Jesus Christ, you will become a beautiful bride too. And if you’ve already put your faith in Jesus Christ, you already are a beautiful bride. So stop identifying yourself as a Moabite! Stop identifying yourself by your former way of life. Stand tall in the glory that you are married to the Lord Jesus Christ as His bride, the church.

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