Stop Judging! We Were Never Designed to Live Here.


Come with me to Lamentations chapter 3, and let’s walk through it together. Jeremiah says, “I'm the man who has seen affliction. I've seen the rod of His wrath. He's led me into darkness and not into light. His hand is against me all day. He is building walls around me.” Have you ever felt like you have walls around you, and you can't escape, they’re closing in?

He continues, “He’s caused my flesh to rot. He's broken my bones. He's besieged me with bitterness. I dwell in dark places.” Have you ever been in the darkness so bad that you can't see the light?

“He's made my chains heavy.” Have you ever been in a situation where you’re carrying a load that you just can't get off your shoulders?

“He shuts out my prayer; He doesn't listen. He's not hearing me. I feel like He's a bear lying in wait like He's a lion waiting to ambush me. He's drawing the Arrow of His quiver, and I'm the bullseye. He's made me a laughing stock. He's broken my teeth.” Oh, I've been there, haven't you? Where the wilderness is so big and so strong that it looks like you're never going to make it through. Life is so intense that you're grinding your teeth, and you're not even aware that you’re doing it, but you can't seem to stop. You go to the dentist and end up with a mouth a guard because you know - you are not going to be able to stop the grinding.

We have got to understand this friend, we don't judge that as Christians! That person who's experiencing that is living in a world they weren't designed to live in so stop the judging! Let them be human! They weren't designed to live here!

Let’s read a little further in Lamentations, Jeremiah’s cowering in the darkness and says “I have no peace. I've forgotten happiness. My strength is gone.” He’s saying he has fear, he has no peace, he has no joy, and he has no strength! Are you there loved one? Well here’s the key to it all right here in verses 19 and 20; “Remembering my affliction,” (and just to make sure we get it he says it again,) “Surely my soul remembers, His eyes are on the rubble of Jerusalem, His eyes are on those murdered little babies, His eyes are on those weeping violated women, His eyes are on the ashes of what was once the glory of Israel.”

And in the midst of Jeremiah’s anguish, the spirit of God helps him and look what he is able to say, “This I recall to my mind, the Lord’s lovingkindness never ceases; His compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness. For this reason, I have hope.” He’s gone vertical! Oh, beloved, there is HOPE when death is all around you because it is NOT the end of the story. Jeremiah begins to recall to his mind all that God is, and all that God has done, and he ends up with hope, and a man cannot live without hope, he must have the belief that things are going to change.

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