A Man



When the gospel writers Mark and Luke wrote their gospel, they tell the story of the call of Levi (Matthew).  They detail that Jesus saw a tax collector.  When Matthew wrote his gospel, he wrote NOT that Jesus saw a tax collector, but that Jesus saw "a man".

Isn't that glorious!  Matthew did not define himself by what he did, but by who he was... a man, made in the image of God.

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How do you value yourself?

In the realm of humanity, we most often define ourselves and other men by what we/they do. He is a doctor. I am an attorney. I am just a housewife. HE is just a janitor. It seems that in the realm of humanity, not only do we define ourselves by what we do, but we also establish value based on what we do. The more important our "doing" the more important we are, and the less important our "doing" is, the less important we are. What a tragedy!

God makes it very clear that identity is found in our birth, and there are in fact only two identities in the world. Those who have been born in Adam, and those who have been born again in Christ. If you have been born again, you are a child of God. That is your true identity. Hence, I am a child of God who "does doctoring"... I am a child of God who "does housewifing"... get the idea?

And what about the value? Value is determined by the price one is willing to pay for something. If I value a pen at a million dollars, and try to sell the pen for that sum, but it never sells, it in actuality is not worth a million dollars because no one was willing to pay that price. Finally, I find a buyer who determines he will pay $5.00 for the pen. Now its value has been determined. Well my friends, God determined that He would pay the blood of His own Son for you, blood that is defined in the Scriptures as inestimable, immeasurable value.... He has determined that you are of infinite value.

A CHILD OF GOD WITH INFINITE VALUE --- that is how you should define yourself because that is how God defines you...

FASCINATING --- but these two ways of thinking are found in the Scriptures. When the other Gospel writers told the story of Matthew (Levi), they defined him as a "tax collector"... they defined him according to what he did.

When Matthew wrote his own Gospel, having met and embraced Jesus as His Lord, Savior, and Life, Matthew told the story very differently. He wrote, "and Jesus saw a man!" He refused to identify himself according to what he did, but according to who he was. Jesus did not see a tax collector, he saw a man who did not yet know who he was, but he was going to find out, and finding out who he really was radically altered his life. WOW!!!