New Covenant

The One Who Completes Us

Our children, finances, homes, careers -any one of these things can easily become our focus, and if that happens, we will be left with very empty lives as we weren’t made to be completed by things or other people. In today’s video, Frank points us back to the One who IS our very life, the One who completes us. When we have Him, we need nothing else.

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The One Who Completes Us

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Whatever things you really cling to, whatever you fail to yield to God, whatever you look to as the source of your life will become the supreme issue of your life. Let me give you an example, if I’m going to try to get life out of my kids, then my kids are going to be the supreme issue in my life because that’s where my life source is. See how that works? If I’m taking my life from my finances, then money is going to become the supreme issue of my life. If I’m trying to get identity or life out of a house, that house is going to become the supreme issue of my life.

We only want God as the source of life. All those other things are just various, incomplete expressions of life. The only One who can give us total and complete life is our Father. John 5:26 says, “For just as the Father has life in Himself, even so He gave to the Son also to have life in Himself” Do you see that? That’s an amazing verse. He has life in Himself. He is life. Life is His nature. Do you realize what that means? If life is your nature, you don’t have need of anyone or anything. And here’s the glory of the new covenant. He takes this life which has life in itself, and He puts it in us to live that life through us and to express it through us. So all those other things cease to be a life source and instead become what they were intended to be—things to enjoy.

Each week, Pastor Frank sends several short, encouraging videos to his circle of friends.
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Another Way to Live


The New Testament makes it very clear that when we come to Jesus, our relationship to the Law has ended. The New Testament also makes it very clear why our relationship to the Law needs to end. In 1 Corinthians 15:56, we are told that “The strength of sin is the Law.” In other words, sin gets its power from the Law. Allow me to illustrate; I am going to give you a command, “Do not think of a green monkey!” You haven’t even thought of a green monkey, but I bet you are now. Some of you are even saying, “Oh yeah! Watch me!” There was nothing wrong with the command I gave you; the problem is that sin uses the Law to make us think of a green monkey. This principle is true, even with the Law that came from God on Mount Sinai!

In Romans 7, Paul said that the power of sin used the Law to stir up in Paul, “all manner of coveting.” In other words, Paul was not struggling with coveting, until the Law told him not to covet. Again, this is not the fault of the Law; it is simply a revelation to us of how sin uses the Law to stir up more sin. That is why all diets fail. We are told not to eat the cookie! Do not eat the cookie! The power of sin uses that Law to stir up within us desire for a cookie, and what are we going to do? We are going to eat the cookie, right? Wrong! We are going to eat half the bag!

Can I share with you one more verse? It is Romans 5:20. Now before we go there, let’s ponder how life works for humanity. I as a parent, have kids running in the house. It is not safe for them to run in the house, they might get hurt. So I make a law, “No running in the house!” Now, why did I make that law? To stop them from running in the house. This is why we make laws as a people. Our country made a law that there should be no killing. Why did our country make that law? To stop people from killing. Own this reality; we make laws to stop certain behaviors! That is normality for the world.

Now go to Romans 5:20, and hear the other worldly reality that God declares. He says that “the Law came in that sin might INCREASE!” Oh my goodness, did you see that? God gave the Law, knowing full well that it would not stop sinful behavior in any way, shape, or form. God gave the Law knowing full well that we would sin even more! Now, why would God do that? My personal conviction is that God did that so that just maybe we might get sick of sinning by trying to follow the law and cry out to Him for another way to live! Then, and only then, could we be led to Jesus and find in Him the power of His life to live differently! The reason we don’t want a relationship to the Law is because sin will use the Law to stir up more sin in our lives. The glory of the New Covenant is that we have died to the Law so that we could be placed into union with the very Spirit of God Himself instead! Now that is worth living for!

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Side by Side or Inside?

The Holy Spirit is another just like Jesus, only now in the New Covenant economy, He lives inside us instead of beside us

The Holy Spirit is another just like Jesus, only now in the New Covenant economy, He lives inside us instead of beside us

Sometimes, I hear people say that they wish they could have walked with Jesus side by side. That is a nice thought, but unfortunately betrays a lack of understanding and experience of the glory of the New Covenant that Jesus established.

In John 14, when the disciples were concerned that He was leaving them, He told them that when He went away, the Father would send "another" comforter. Here is a great choice of words by the Holy Spirit written word. He did not choose the word "heteros" which means another of a different kind. He chose instead the word "allos" which means another of the same kind.

When Jesus went away and returned to His throne, LISTEN,
He sent back One, the Holy Spirit, Who is another just like Jesus Himself.

Now let's ponder Jesus for a minute - He was so patient with the disciples, He defeated temptation, He had compassion for the hurting and the struggling, He rescued the adulterous woman from condemnation by the community of legalists, He intimately conversed with the outcast Samaritan.... hmmmmm, no wonder they did not want Him to leave. Where in this world are you going to find a friend like that, Who is so loving, and gracious, and merciful, and POWERFUL!?

The answer is, "INSIDE YOU!"

The Holy Spirit is another just like Jesus, only now in the New Covenant economy, He lives inside us instead of beside us. No my friend, as good as it would have been to see Jesus on the outside, it is more glorious to experience Him living inside us through the presence of the Holy Spirit, Who is another just like Him. The compassion, mercy, grace, and power of Jesus lives inside me through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This is the glory of the New Covenant!

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Jesus Did Not Atone For Our Sins


One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they view the Bible as a cohesive whole. I will explain. Though it is one book, written by one supreme author, the Holy Spirit, and it does have one central theme, the fall and restoration of man, it is one book made up of two books. There is an Old Covenant and there is a New Covenant.

The Old Covenant focuses on the law, and the emphasis is on what man must do. The goal, of course, is to reveal to man that he cannot do as he needs to do and transform his thinking from the lie that he can be like God so that he instead will cry out in his need for God to save him and make him whole again.

The New Covenant emphasis is on grace, with the glory that man receives instead of achieves and the focus is on what God has done and longs to do in and through man as man now chooses to live by faith.  I would be so bold as to say that people are NEVER going to understand the Bible until they realize that God works in covenants.

There was an Old and it is distinct from the New, and the two should NEVER be mixed. When we mix the law with grace, the law loses its holy terror, and grace loses its freeing power! They are separate and distinct and must be kept so when we translate and interpret the Bible. 

The reason I state this, is that I hear a lot of people who fail to make this distinction of books or covenants within the one book, and interchange the terms of the old covenant with the new. For example - take the word "atonement" - so many Christians use that term to refer to the death of Christ for our sins and this is NOT the word to use when we herald the glory of what Jesus has done for us! JESUS DID NOT ATONE FOR OUR SINS! Atonement is an Old Covenant word. The Hebrew word is kopher and it means to cover. In the Old Covenant the sacrifice of lambs "covered" the sins of the people when those lambs were offered in faith that God would "cover" their sins. The book of Hebrews tells us though, that those lambs could never remove people's sins. They were only "covered" until the real Lamb of God could come and remove those sins from them.

Let me state it simply, that word "cover" or atonement is NOT to be
used of Jesus because He did something much better than "cover" our sins,

Remember the glory of the statement that John the Baptist made, "Behold the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the earth!" Now, that is glorious and it is a major error to say that Jesus atoned for our sins - HE DID NO SUCH THING! HE REMOVED THEM --- Hallelujah!

Unfortunately, many translations put that Old Covenant word into the New Testament. PLEASE hear me on this. That word "atonement" is never used in the New Testament, It is only found in the Old Testament. The word used in the New Testament is katalaggo, the root meaning of which is to reconcile. Jesus reconciled us to God by removing our sins, not covering our sins. Why the New Testament translators put the Old Covenant word into their New Testament translations I do not know, but they should not have done so because they are robbing Jesus of the fulness of the glory of what He did for us at the cross! 

Take great care my friends to interpret the Bible in light of the two covenants. The glory of the New Covenant will shine brighter in your heart and mind. Better yet, the glory of our Lord Jesus Who established that covenant, will shine even brighter in your hearts, ushering in greater praise to Him for the greater work that He has accomplished, and you will walk confidently, KNOWING that your sins are forgiven completely and you do not have to worry that you are ever out of fellowship with God! IT IS FINISHED! That is what Jesus said on the cross. And do you know what that means in Greek? It means, "IT IS FINISHED!"

Isn't that exciting? 

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A Good Heart

Because of the finished work of Christ, it is no longer true that a believer, a child of God, has a desperately wicked and deceitful heart.

Because of the finished work of Christ, it is no longer true that a believer, a child of God, has a desperately wicked and deceitful heart.

As I grew up in the church, I was often told by many various people that the human heart is desperately wicked and deceitful beyond all things. This, as you know, is a statement from Jeremiah 17:11. When this truth was proclaimed to me, about me, it came with the full authority that every other verse in the Scriptures has. After all, Paul has loudly and affirmatively proclaimed that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

Therefore, I must have a desperately wicked and deceitful
heart, right? After all, the Bible says I do!


Those dear souls who communicated that “truth” to me, about me, failed to interpret that verse in light of there being two covenants, and therefore two economies in which we live. Jeremiah 17:11 was written under an old covenant economy, where man, even the believing man, lived in a state of separation from God, his sins not yet having been removed by the cross of Christ!

In Ezekiel 36:25-26 however, God stated that He was going to establish a New Covenant, in which he would cleanse us from our sin, take away the stony heart of our flesh, and give us a new heart. Did you see that? Because of the finished work of Christ, it is no longer true that a believer, a child of God, has a desperately wicked and deceitful heart.

That old ugly heart has been taken away, and we not only
have a new heart, a good heart, a heart that wants to love and serve God.

Oh, my friends, you have a good heart. I am reminded of that incredible movie "Braveheart" where William Wallace has a vision of his recently martyred father telling him, "William, your heart is good! Have the courage to follow it!" 

That is my word to you today, "Dear friend in Christ, your heart is good, have the courage to follow it, and watch the world stand in awe of the God they see in you and the work He has done on your behalf!"


...responsibility to forgive comes with an  entirely different motivation in the New Covenant.

...responsibility to forgive comes with an entirely different motivation in the New Covenant.

I was listening to the Christian radio station, and the announcer said that he was going to share the memory verse for the week. It was Matthew 6:14-15, “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” After reading the passage, the announcer said, “Isn’t that a wonderful verse to live by?” I about came out of my skin as I screamed at the radio, “NO! THAT IS A HORRIBLE VERSE TO LIVE BY! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO LIVE UNDER THAT VERSE?”

Fortunately, we do not have to live under that verse, isn’t that great news? Now, someone might say, “But Jesus taught that verse, so isn’t it binding on us today?” Yes, Jesus did teach it but he taught it pre-cross, before He died and was resurrected. In other words, He taught that verse under the Old Covenant economy! That means of course, that we are no longer under that economy because Jesus has instituted a new and better covenant!

I am so thankful that because of the New Covenant, I do not have to rack my brain every night trying to see if there is someone I have failed to forgive. That I can get some semblance of sleep without being terrified by the fear that there might be someone I have failed to forgive.

Now again, someone might ask, “But aren’t we supposed to forgive?” Yes, we are, but our responsibility to forgive comes with an entirely different motivation in the New Covenant.

In Ephesians 4:32, Paul states that we are to “Forgive one another, even as God for Christ’s sake, has forgiven us.” Did you see it? In the New Covenant economy, we are not forgiving others so that we will be forgiven, we are forgiving others BECAUSE we have already been forgiven. Now, that is a verse to live by!

We are NOT against Law!

Let's have a "Greek" lesson today, a very necessary "Greek" lesson!

If you walk in or teach the economy of grace in any way, shape, or form, that we are no longer under law but under grace, you are very likely to be labeled or even attacked as being "antinomian". That is a compound word from the Greek language - "anti" meaning against and "nomos" meaning the law. So these people are saying that we are "against the law."

To be quite "FRANK" with you, that makes me bristle. I am not against the law. I love the law, as every true Christian does. Why? Because as Romans teaches us, through the law we gained the knowledge of sin and began searching for a way of forgiveness. Through the law, as II Cor teaches, we experienced death and condemnation and recognized our need of a Savior. And then, as Galatians teaches us, the law literally "drove us to our Savior." So please, dear one, do not label me with an accusation that is thoroughly NOT my heart! I love the law... so no, I am definitely NOT antinomian.

But then again, I guess I am antinomian. WHAT? Please understand that "anti" not only means against, but it can also mean instead of. Am I against the law? Absolutely not, I love the law. But am I instead of the law? Absolutely - I would much rather have the living Christ in me, empowering me with His own life than an external code that I have to try and emulate!

Most people are using the term antinomian and don't really understand the full meaning of the word. Now, you do... which means you can really mess with them. When they call you antinomian, you can tell them, "Well, yes I am, but then again, I am not!" Then, you can proclaim the glory of the New Covenant to them.... that we are certainly NOT against the law, but we are for sure instead of it! We have something far greater - the Living Christ experienced and expressed through our very lives! Wow!