The Secret to Being Truly Satisfied (video blog)

You've experienced it, haven't you? You're in deep turmoil, and you have a physical need, but the Holy Spirit provides the presence of God to you so richly, that you lose sight of the need you had. May Frank's words in this short video bring light into the darkness you are facing, as you are reminded that Father can satisfy your deepest thirsts.


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The Secret to Being Truly Satisfied


Do you remember the story of John Chapter 4? The disciples were hungry so they go to the village of Sychar and Jesus stays behind. Why did Jesus stay behind? So he could meet with a lady called the Samaritan woman, who's had five husbands and is living with a man, and she comes to the well to draw water.

Why does the woman go to Jacobs well to draw water when Sychar had it’s own natural springs? She chose to travel a mile outside of town to the well because of the way she had lived. You see, she knew that if she went to those springs the other women would talk about her saying, “Oh there she is, the adulterer.” So she chooses instead to go a mile each way, twice a day, carrying heavy water pots just so she can avoid people.

And Jesus sees her and says, “Give me a little water to drink.”

Wait a minute, what is He doing? A Jewish man, talking to a Samaritan woman?! Oh, but if she only knew who was talking to her! If she did she’d be asking HIM for water because He’d give her a water that would satisfy her thirst forever!

So they have a little conversation about who He is, and who she is, and who He can be to her, and she leaves her water pot and runs to the village. Wait a minute... put the car in park! What does she do? She leaves her water pot, the water pot she was using to collect water in, the one she’d carried a mile out of town just so she could avoid people, and now she’s going back to the very people she was trying to avoid! Why would she do that? She did it so she could tell them about the Messiah she'd just found because you see, getting water didn't matter any longer because her soul was so satisfied that she didn't even recognize her thirst anymore.

The story continues and the disciples return with the food, saying “Master, we're here with the food.” Jesus replies telling them that He has food that they don't even know about, and they wonder who fed the Master! What does Jesus tell them? He tells them, “No, you don't understand, my food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and I've just done it. I've led a woman into Life and now I'm just not hungry anymore.” Isn’t that amazing? You've experienced it, haven't you, when you're in a deep turmoil perhaps, and you do have a physical need, but the Holy Spirit of God so provides the presence of God to you, that you lose sight of the need around you. It's exactly like what happened to David; Father infused his soul with His presence and it satisfied not only his soul but his fleshly need as well.

Thank you, Father, that you can satisfy our deepest thirsts.

Each week, Pastor Frank sends several short, encouraging videos to his circle of friends.
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