The Freeing Truth Every Christian With Anxiety Needs to Know


Friends, I want you to hear this, it’s very important for humanity!

I want to take you to the book of Psalms, where David says some very important words. He starts by saying to God, “When I remember you on my bed…” What do those words reveal to us? They tell us that he's not sleeping. He's not sleeping, gang! He's laying on his bed and he can't sleep. How do we know this? Look at the next phrase, “I meditate on you in the night watches.”

By the way, Israel had three late night watches, dusk to ten o’clock, ten o’clock to two, and two until dawn. So what does this tell us? It tells us that he's not sleeping ALL night long. Have you ever been in a wilderness, in a time of trauma, where you’re exhausted from what you're going through, and your head hits the pillow, but you still can't sleep?

Don’t you just love that this is in the Bible? Because this is exactly where we find ourselves in life. Let me tell you friend, when you’re in turmoil, when you’re in the pressure cooker of life, one of the most difficult problems you will face is the lack of being able to sleep. And sometimes if we share this with others, we will have Christian’s who tell us that it means that we must not be trusting God. Don’t you want to just slap them in Jesus' name?!

You see, they have failed to come to understand that our spirits can be at perfect rest, while our souls are all over the map. The proof of this is the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said “Not my will, but thine be done. I'm going to the cross.” A spirit of perfect rest. But what’s he doing? He's sweating blood! That's a soul that's all over the map friends. If Jesus can have the freedom to be human and have anxiety in his soul while he's trusting God, why can't we have the same freedom?

I want to share something with you, and it’s very important; David’s spirit was at rest while his soul was going crazy, he was unable to sleep, but David did not allow his mind to take him where it wanted to go and beat him mercilessly. Look at the language he uses as he tells God, “I am remembering you, I am meditating on you, I'm not letting my mind fixate on the horizontal, which is beating the daylights out of me. I've taken my mind where I want it to go, which is vertical.” And it tells us in verse 7 that he specifically set his mind on remembering that God had been his help. He remembered, past tense. David sets his mind on how God has delivered him in previous times and connected the dots of God's faithfulness.

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