Apprenticeship of Love


When I think of being taught, I think of putting things into my mind so I can remember them... facts, figures, things I need to know so I can find my way and navigate safely in this crazy world.

Don't touch a hot stove, you will get burned. Though you think you can do it, don't jump off those last six steps of the staircase at age 59--- you understand this thing called "age" and your body is in no shape for that anymore.  And red lights? oh, yes that means stop or the camera sends you a ticket.

This is true in the spiritual realm as well, I need to get things into my mind.  Correct doctrine; truth... I don't want to walk according to lies so I need to be taught.

When it comes to love though, I have concluded that love is something that cannot be taught by way of the mind.  Let me explain...

In I Thess 4:9 it says that we are "taught of God to love". This fascinating word in the Greek appears only 1x in the New Testament - "theodidaktos", which means "God taught". The word literally means apprenticed, which is a much different style of learning. An apprentice is someone who learns "hands on" as they are guided by the instructor.

As human beings, we do not know what love really is because after all, God is love. The only one that really knows how to love is God, and so we must be students, learners, receiving from Him the love that only He can give. Then by faith, we express that love through our own lives to others as we are "apprenticed/schooled" in this thing that we must master in order to effect the lives of others. 

When it comes to love, real love and not the manipulative, selfish, controlling thing that most of us are used to, I find that I am probably in junior high, or just maybe the latter years of elementary school. BUT I AM IN THIS SCHOOL and I am learning to love as God is "apprenticing" me.  I have come a long way but am not yet a tradesman in this very rare art. In fact, I do not believe there are many "tradesmen" in this area of love because it takes so long to learn and is so contrary to this world in which we live.

Join me, won't you in this apprenticeship of love?  It is how Jesus said we would turn this world upside down.

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