Partakers of Him...

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Adoption is one of the most beautiful things that
we as humanity can do for another human being.

In adoption, we choose to have a child that was not wanted, or care for a child that the parents could not care for. When we adopt them, we do all we can to ensure that this child becomes a genuine part of our family. We give them our name. We provide them a home, clothes, and an education. We extend to them our love and remind them often that they were chosen to be a part of our family. Children, adopted or otherwise, are included in the inheritance.

This is exactly what God has done for us who have placed our faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The book of Ephesians tells us that we have been adopted into God’s family. We who were lost in the world, have found a home in God. So fully have we become His children, that He gave us His own Spirit to testify to our hearts that we are the children of God and that God has now become our Abba – an Aramaic word for Papa (Rom. 8). We are now wanted and loved, cared for, and even given an inheritance as a child of God! Amazing! But please know, it is even more amazing than that!

As beautiful as adoption is, there is one thing
earthly parents simply can't do for their adopted children.

They cannot give adopted children their nature, their genetics.

When God adopts us He, in His miracle working power, does what earthly parents cannot do. The Bible tells us that we were not only adopted into God’s family, we were also birthed into it with a Spirit birth (John 3). Or, as I John puts it, we've been born from above. God has put His Spirit in our spirit, so that we have become partakers of His own divine nature (II Pet 1). In Christ, we are as much God's children as Jesus Himself!

Because of what Jesus has done, we have the authority
to be called the birthed children of God!

He calls me 'Son', and I call him Papa.

It has become quite popular with the internet age to research one's genealogy. In doing so, we learn who we are in terms of our race and culture. This is an absolutely essential thing to do when it comes to understanding our spiritual genealogy. If we do not know our source, our beginnings in God, then we will be lost when it comes to truly understanding who we are God created us and designed us to function in intimate relationship with Him. Because of the finished work of Christ which enables us to be restored to God, we now have the opportunity to be restored to who we truly are.

And who are we? Well, we were so fantastically created and intended for such incredible purpose, that it takes multiple descriptions to fully define ourselves. The New Testament tells us that we are saints - holy ones of God, that we are soldiers - those involved in a great conflict between God and evil. We are called farmers - who sow seed and reap the harvest of life as we lead others into relationship with Jesus. We are called fellow workers - an amazing thought to be sure, that God has considered us worthy of participating in His kingdom work. We are called joint heirs with Christ - a mind blowing statement that we share in the inheritance of God's own precious son.

We could go on and on with declaring our multi-faceted identity that we have been restored to through faith in Christ, but I want to stress what I believe to be the supreme aspect of who we are. In the New Testament, we are told that we are now a child of God. Why do I say that is the supreme statement of our identity? Because it is the only aspect of our identity that comes with "THE RIGHT" to say it is so. John 1 says, "when we receive Jesus, we have the "RIGHT" to be called a child of God! Ponder the glory of that --- by faith, I am a child of the Sovereign Mighty God of the universe! He calls me son... and I get to call Him "papa".... This is my RIGHT because He said it is so. WOW!