It’s Not You, It’s Him


If myself and another person were going to enter into a contract in the Old Testament days, we would take an animal, we'd cut the animal in half and put it on two separate sides. Then I would walk through those animals and the other person would walk through those animals. 

What's the point we'd be trying to make? 

If either one of us breaks this covenant, then let this happen to us. You see, people's word meant something in those days. 

Here's the key that I want you to see—God made a covenant with Abraham. They cut the animals in two, God walked through the animals, and then what did God do? He put Abraham to sleep and God walked through a second time. 

Do you get it? This glorious New Covenant that we have with God is not about you and how much you hold onto God; it's about God and how much He holds onto you. And if you know anything about this world we live in, it's awfully hard to hold onto Him when the storms of life come our way, but it’s not hard at all for Him to hold on to us. 

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