Worth Fighting For...

My son was a very easy child to train. He was tender hearted and very teachable. Please understand, he was no sissy. He is on SWAT and very often the first guy in the door on the raids that he has to conduct. He is a man's man, to be sure.

When he was younger though, there was one occasion where he got very testy with me. Emotions elevated, words intensified, and then in my frustration with him, I said, "You listen to me boy. I will fight for you even if it means I may have to fight against you!" At that point, he said, "Wow dad, that was a good one!" I said, "I know, I have to go write that one down."

That is "the one" that I would share with you today.

The church, my friends, is worth fighting for, even if it means we have to fight against her in the process. She is not perfect. She believes many lies and has many perverted practices that are not in line with Father's Word. Does that mean we should just abandon her, give up on her, separate from her, leave her to her error?

That would not be love. I know that it will be uncomfortable, I know that we may get hurt in the process, but who will fight for her if not we are for her and a part of her? One of the great mistakes we are making in the grace movement is isolating and insulating ourselves from the church because they don't agree with us, belittle us, and persecute us. But isn't that exactly what Jesus and the apostles went through as they sought to deliver the church to the freedom that Jesus came to give her? 

Please understand, I am not real high on the church in America. I believe she is weak, anemic, and pursuing much worldly agenda and methodologies in her pursuit to become successful instead of faithful ... but she is worth fighting for. Oh, I hear you. She may not even be the church... that is true. But that is not our job to determine who really is a believer and who is not. That is the Lord's job, our job is to herald, to announce, to teach and instruct, and to correct with sound doctrine -- using the glory of the New Covenant and the finished work of Christ.

She is His body, purchased with His own blood, and we must fight for her, even if it means we have to fight against her. Might I suggest you go read Acts 20:20-28? I believe it will encourage you in the fight!

Christianity? Perhaps "Conflict-ianity" is more appropriate!

Christianity is anything but an ethereal float through this world. It is a battle, that we must actively contend in. I am not so sure that we shouldn't call it "conflictianity"

In I Corinthians 16, there is a very concise but powerful call put forth by the Apostle Paul. "Be alert"... The phrase occurs some 22x in the New Testament. It means to be aware (of the danger), to be on guard (taking every thought captive), to watch (for he lurks around every corner.)

We are the light of the world which instantly puts us into a struggle with him who is the prince of the darkness. He travels the world like a ravening and roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He is the tempter, laying snares that can trap us, sowing iies in the hopes of leading us to make choices that will have devastating consequences.

I love the glory of our new identity in Christ, that we no longer sinners, but saints. We must realize though, that ours is a multi-faceted identity. Father's Word also says that we are soldiers, and that because we are in an epic battle. Embrace who you are and whose you are, and fight this good fight of faith with the courage that the Lion of Judah places inside us with His presence. This is no time for wimpy Christians.

I raised my kids on a mantra, I share it now with you...