There's No Place Like Home

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Psalm 90 says "God is our dwelling place".

He is the place where we are home. Home is a wonderful place. A place of security, comfort, and peace. A place where we are accepted. A place where we belong. A place where we can kick up our feet and just be.

This is what God wants to be for us... He wants to be our home, He wants to be the place of our rest, the place where we can learn to just be.

So like that great theologian of the early 1900's said---
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...

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Remember Where Home Is

God put us in a beautiful playground. By all means, enjoy the playground. But a playground is not a home

God put us in a beautiful playground. By all means, enjoy the playground. But a playground is not a home

Found this AMAZING thought when I was teaching through I Corinthians 7.

What a special passage. Paul there says that our time is short. The word actually means "compressed".

Paul then goes on to what could almost be a tirade:

If you are married, live as if you are not married.
If you are joyful, live as if you are not joyful.
If you are sorrowful, live as if you are not sorrowful.


The point is pretty clear. Whatever we are experiencing on this planet we are only going to experience for a very short time.

Do not let this present experience dominate your life - whether it is good or bad.

I put it this way to the saints at Grace Life:

God put us in a beautiful playground. By all means, enjoy the playground. But a playground is not a home. Every night a little kid, though he plays on the playground goes home.
Home is a place where there is peace, security, love, and acceptance. Home is where kids belong! That is what awaits us and that is what should govern all that we do during this "shortened time".

We are going home.
In the meantime, play hard!

In the meantime, work hard!
In the meantime, love hard
In the meantime, recognize and rejoice that your sorrow is going to end soon.
But NEVER, NEVER get too attached to anything here... This is not home!

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Safe Harbor

That all of us who name the name of Jesus would offer to others a “safe-place.”

That all of us who name the name of Jesus would offer to others a “safe-place.”

If I had to pick my favorite attribute of the Lord Jesus, it would be that he was “SAFE"! Think about it! No one was ever afraid to come into His presence. The sick approached him readily, and even His enemies who often got slammed by His words, did not hesitate to approach Him. And what about “the sinners,” those wayward ones who had committed such horrible acts of sin? Well, they too knew that they were able to approach Him.  And I believe it is noteworthy, that when He approached them, though they might be uncomfortable – they did not run or shrink back from Him.

I am thinking of the hated tax collector Zaccheus, and how Jesus had dinner in his home. I am thinking of the sinful Samaritan, whom He engaged in a theological discussion, using that as a platform to cut through the “theology” to her most deeply felt needs, which He in turn offered to meet. And what about the adulterous woman, you know, the one that the “religious community” was ready to stone for her adultery? Well, He stood as a buffer between them, humiliating them for their hypocrisy and offering her forgiveness and restoration! 
I love Him for extending the “safe harbor” that He offered to people who were experiencing the storms of life inwhich a sin cursed world hurled at them. It did not matter who they were, where they were from, what they had done, how many times they had done it, nor who they had done it with… the only issue for them was that now they were standing, kneeling, or face down in the presence of His safety that He was offering. Their only failure now, would be if they rejected the safety He offered, and yet, even then, He would continue to present Himself to them if only they would take advantage of His offer to receive them.

Oh, if only the church could function in such a way as to offer such a safe harbor for the people of this world. Oh, if the church could only be that place where it mattered not where men and women had been, so much as where they are now – resting in Him! My prayer, is that it would start with me. But I hope it doesn’t end there. My prayer is that it would continue with you, as well. That all of us who name the name of Jesus would offer to others a “safe-place.”

How are you doing in this pursuit? I would challenge you to go to those around you and ask them? “Do you feel safe around me? Can you let your hair down and be yourself around me? Or do you feel like you have to be on your best game when you are around me? Do you feel like you have to guard your words and actions around me?” The answers to those questions are going to reveal the bottom line – whether or not you just preach grace or also practice it as well! I never want to be a teacher of grace, without also being one who practices grace. I want to offer to all who need it, a safe place in a world that can be and feel so unsafe. I want people who experience my presence, when they leave my presence, to know that they were and are loved! That simple…

We Are Heading Home - to Enjoy Relationship!

HOME! It is a great word, isn’t it? Far much better than the word “house”… for a house is just wood, brick, and shingles, but a “home”? Well, that is a place where there is safety, acceptance, a safe harbor from the world. Home is a place where you can put your feet up and be yourself, and shake off all those social niceties that the world requires and just “be”…

But what is it that transforms a house, into a home. It is people. It is relationship. Hollywood understood this. Remember the “Wizard of Oz?” Dorothy, was willing to travel down that dangerous yellow brick road full of lions and tigers and bears, oh my! She traveled that road even though there was a desperately evil arch enemy known as the Wicked Witch of the West. Why was she willing to take so much risk? Because the yellow brick road led to Oz, and Oz led to “HOME”… and home was where Auntie Em and Uncle Henry were!

The Bible stresses this too. Remember the Prodigal Son? He was living in the far country, embracing a life that was wretched and empty, that is, until he had thoughts of home! And what was it that made home so special? There was a Father waiting there, Who was good and kind. And so he risked heralding the shame of how he had been living to go “HOME”.

As believers, we have a home, and it is not here on planet earth. Here, we are travelers, sojourners, sometimes called ambassadors. While here, we have business to do, but soon our business will be done and we will be called “HOME”… not so much to a place, but to a Person. That is what makes heaven home. Far too many people reduce heaven to thoughts of gold streets, tiaras with jewels on them, and big fancy houses. NO! NO! NO! To believe that heaven is about crowns, and gold, and mansions is trivialize the work of Jesus Christ! None of those things make heaven home...

When we go home, we are going home to enjoy a relationship, with an incredibly kind and gracious Father, and that is what makes heaven, our home! This is what the work of Jesus was really about… He restored us to a relationship with Himself… the Three Persons of God!