Identity And Value Are Found In Our Birth

God makes it very clear that identity is found in our birth, and there are in fact only two identities in the world

God makes it very clear that identity is found in our birth, and there are in fact only two identities in the world

In the realm of humanity, we most often define ourselves and other men by what we/they do. He is a doctor. I am an attorney. I am just a housewife. He is just a janitor. It seems that in the realm of humanity, not only do we define ourselves by what we do, but we also establish value based on what we do. The more important our "doing" the more important we are, and the less important our "doing" is, the less important we are. What a tragedy!

God makes it very clear that identity is found in our birth, and there are in fact only two identities in the world. Those who have been born in Adam, and those who have been born again in Christ.

If you have been born again, you are a child of God.
That is your true identity.

Hence, I am a child of God who "does doctoring"... I am a child of God who "does housewifing"... get the idea?

And what about the value? Value is determined by the price one is willing to pay for something. If I value a pen at a million dollars and try to sell the pen for that sum, but it never sells, it in actuality is not worth a million dollars because no one was willing to pay that price. Finally, I find a buyer who determines he will pay $5.00 for the pen. Now its value has been determined.

Well, my friends, God determined that He would pay the blood of His own Son for you, blood that is defined in the Scriptures as inestimable, immeasurable value....

He has determined that you are of infinite value.

A CHILD OF GOD WITH INFINITE VALUE --- that is how you should define yourself because that is how God defines you.
FASCINATING --- these two ways of thinking are found in the Scriptures. When the other Gospel writers told the story of Matthew (Levi), they defined him as a "tax collector"... they defined him according to what he did.

When Matthew wrote his own Gospel, having met and embraced Jesus as His Lord, Savior, and Life, Matthew told the story very differently. He wrote, "and Jesus saw a man!" He refused to identify himself according to what he did, but according to who he was. Jesus did not see a tax collector, he saw a man who did not yet know who he was, but he was going to find out, and finding out who he really was radically altered his life. WOW!!!

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Jesus Is My Mediator.

In the New Testament, we are told that there is "ONE MEDIATOR". There is only one, and that is great news. Missionaries from a few centuries ago reported that one of the great reliefs that came to the various tribes was the glory that they no longer had to worry about appeasing a multiplicity of gods, that would be very akin to a polygamist having to please multiple wives. No easy task to be sure. 

The greatest relief of all, of course, was that this God of the Bible did not need appeasing by any man, for He had already paid the ransom for us all. The law demanded death, and He paid the price in our stead - Oh the glory of the love this God of the Bible has for man. 

But it gets better... In Job 9:33, the major complaint of Job was that there was no umpire between him and God, someone who could put His hand in both God and man's hands and place them together. This is what our One Mediator also accomplished. In a very real sense, God, though He knows all things, could never really "get man." 

Before you consider me a heretic, think about this. God could never know what it was like to be tempted, to be weak, to feel fear, or to be betrayed, or to die.

But because Jesus became man and experienced all
those things personally - God in Christ now "gets us."

And man, because He is so much smaller than God, can never really "get God." But in the person of Jesus, God clothed with skin, man could now see the glory of God in a safe way and not be blown to bits. Because of Jesus, we can now see God for what He is really like, and "get God" - sort of! 

This is what Jesus did. He is the one Who alone could put His hand in God's hand, and put His other hand in our hand, and bring us together so that we could "get each other" in a wonderful relationship of love, grace, and mercy. There is ONE MEDIATOR between God and man, and I hope you know Him. HIs name is Jesus!

It's Not Enough That Jesus Died...

The other day, I heard one of the old hymns we used to sing. Do you remember this one? "I need no other argument, I need no other plea, it is enough that Jesus died, and that He died for me."

Nice hymn, but the theology of it is insufficient....

If all the Gospel is, is that Jesus died for my sins so that I can go to heaven someday, then the Good News has been reduced to a destination. Jesus functions like fire insurance, in that His death keeps me out of hell. If that is the Gospel, then we are nothing more than forgiven sinners, and what is going to happen in the meantime between the time we got saved and the time we get to go to heaven? Well, in the meantime, it is going to be a MEAN TIME! Because if that is the Gospel, then we are left to face the rest of our lives in a sin-cursed world, battling the flesh and the enemy with our own resources. No, my friend, it is not enough that Jesus died for me, though that is indeed a part of the glory He secured for HImself through His incarnation and work.

The really good news, is that He rose again. That He put us on the cross with Him (Rom 6:3-6) so that we too could be crucified. He then buried our old sinful self with Him, so that when He rose, we rose too! Why did this happen? To make us righteous (II Co5 5:21) so that He the Righteous One could now live in us and express His life through us. This was so He could save us right now with His life (Rom 5:8-10) in a great exchange of resources - our weakness for His strength (Isa 40) - so that we could experience God now, and know Him now in an intimate and glorious union of love (I Cor 6:17) --- enabling us in a very real way to experience heaven right now, while we are on our way to heaven. So what is heaven? Oh, it is a place, but it is a place where we find a Person... and the Person of God is what makes heaven, heaven.

So, no my friend, it is not enough that Jesus died, I need more than that and praise His name there is more.... He LIVES! And He lives for me, in me, and through me, and that and that alone is enough!

Off the Auction Block!

Redemption is one of the great words of the Bible. We cry out that we have been "REDEEMED!" We sing of it in our hymns. But what is it that we are heralding? All too often, we use words that we really do not understand their meaning. We simply join in the chorus without fully embracing the awe and wonder of what it is we are heralding.

The Greek word literally means to "buy out, to buy back, or to puchase on the auction block." Hmmmm....

So that means that someone purchased us. It means we are slaves. Doesn't sound so good right now. But let's dig deeper. We were "sold under sin." We were "slaves to sin." But Jesus came and offered His blood to purchase us off the auction block of sin. According to Rom 6 then, we have a new owner. We are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to God (LOVE) and righteousness.

I hope you can enter into the glory of this reality. We were slaves to sin, ashamed and lost, selling ourselves to the highest bidder. We were willing to compromise ourselves, give away our bodies, put horrible things into our bodies.... WHY?

Because we were trying to satisfy the GREAT HEART CRY of every human being. Is there anyone out there who will love me? Anyone out there who will care for me? Anyone out there who will fight for me? I will do anything you want. I will give you my body, I will give you my devotion, if you would only love me, even if just for a little while... Sad state indeed...

Enter Jesus! I will be that One! I will love you! I will fight for you! I But instead of you giving your body for a moment of "love"... I will give My body for you! And I will do it for free... I will do it just because I love you.

Oh, the glory of this reality of being redeemed... I am for sale no more! I am off the auction block. I have found the one who will love me for free..... I am off the market! I have a home! I have a family! I have a Father, because I have a Redeemer Who has "REDEEMED" me... the likes of me!!! Now, that is worth heralding!