Off the Auction Block!

Redemption is one of the great words of the Bible. We cry out that we have been "REDEEMED!" We sing of it in our hymns. But what is it that we are heralding? All too often, we use words that we really do not understand their meaning. We simply join in the chorus without fully embracing the awe and wonder of what it is we are heralding.

The Greek word literally means to "buy out, to buy back, or to puchase on the auction block." Hmmmm....

So that means that someone purchased us. It means we are slaves. Doesn't sound so good right now. But let's dig deeper. We were "sold under sin." We were "slaves to sin." But Jesus came and offered His blood to purchase us off the auction block of sin. According to Rom 6 then, we have a new owner. We are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to God (LOVE) and righteousness.

I hope you can enter into the glory of this reality. We were slaves to sin, ashamed and lost, selling ourselves to the highest bidder. We were willing to compromise ourselves, give away our bodies, put horrible things into our bodies.... WHY?

Because we were trying to satisfy the GREAT HEART CRY of every human being. Is there anyone out there who will love me? Anyone out there who will care for me? Anyone out there who will fight for me? I will do anything you want. I will give you my body, I will give you my devotion, if you would only love me, even if just for a little while... Sad state indeed...

Enter Jesus! I will be that One! I will love you! I will fight for you! I But instead of you giving your body for a moment of "love"... I will give My body for you! And I will do it for free... I will do it just because I love you.

Oh, the glory of this reality of being redeemed... I am for sale no more! I am off the auction block. I have found the one who will love me for free..... I am off the market! I have a home! I have a family! I have a Father, because I have a Redeemer Who has "REDEEMED" me... the likes of me!!! Now, that is worth heralding!