We Read Scripture to Get to Know the Author.

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Don’t limit your reading of Scripture to an intellectual exercise! 
It can be a dynamic exchange of life with your Father.

When we pick up our Bible, we hold in our hands a very precious commodity. The word 'Bible' itself is simply a translation from the Greek 'biblios', literally 'book'. The Book! The Book of all books to be sure. Inspired by God, men throughout history wrote down truths that God wanted us to know. Effectively, the Bible is the mind of God communicated to the mind of man.

The Bible reveals God to us through the Person and Work of Jesus. By observing Jesus in Scripture, we learn that God is our Father Who has adopted us into His forever family. I prefer to call the Bible “Father’s Word” because not only is it the mind of God to the mind of man, it is also the heart of God to the heart of man.

The Bible is written to each of us as if we were the only one on the planet. When you read it, imagine He's pulled you up onto his lap, and he's telling you the important things you desperately need to know... things about Himself, about ourselves, and the world we live in.

 In Philippians 3, Paul says he had learned that all the other wonderful things in this world are rubbish compared to knowing Him. I believe with all my heart that statement gives an important clue how we are to read Scripture. We are to read this book differently than we read other books. When we read the Bible, we read it to get to know the author.

Let me state it plainly. We have been trained to read books to learn what is in the book, but that is not how we are to read the Bible. Think back to when you were in school. You read a chapter in the history textbook - why? To learn what was in the book in order to score a good grade on the text. And after the test, you promptly forgot what you read as you plunged into reading the next chapter so you could take another test. And so it was for the Math book and the Science book and the Sociology book. 

Did you ever read the Math, Science, or Sociology book to get to know the author? Absolutely not! That was not the stated goal. The stated goal was to read the book to know what was in the book.

Put simply, we should be having a conversation with Father as we read, building and enjoying the relationship we share. As you read the Bible, I recommend you pray, thanking Father for what you've read and asking Him to explain it so you can understand it better. Though knowledge is important - Hosea says without it we are destroyed - the relationship we gain from that knowledge is far more important. God died, so that we could have a relationship with Him.

Don’t limit your reading of Scripture to an intellectual exercise! 
It can be a dynamic exchange of life with your Father.

I hope this insight inspires you to open the Bible more often and enjoy a wonderful conversation with the One Who loves you so much.

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