The Heart of God and How It Changes Our Lives

When you're a little kid, and you’re living in a very dangerous world and your heart gets filled with fear, what do you do? I had four kids, and I can tell you what they do; they put a death grip around your neck! And what does a parent do when a child puts a death grip around their neck because they're afraid? Oh, we throw them down and say, “Grow up!” Right? Is that what we do? That's not what I did. I’ll tell you what I did, I put a death grip right back on them, and I’d say, "It’s ok baby, your daddy's got you. Your daddy's got you and because your daddy's got you, it's okay, and that's the only reason it's okay.” 

The book of Psalms tells us that He will rescue us. It says, “I will protect you because you know my name” (Psalm 91:14). I think that's a reference to all the names He’s given us for Himself: Yahweh, El Shaddai, Elyon, all references to His character. I'll be the strong one. I'll be the exalted one. I'll be your protector. I'll be your provider. I think it's supremely the name that Jesus revealed to us in John 17: Father.

And Psalms doesn’t say, “When we call on Him,” that's the wrong word! When you're in trouble as a little kid, do you call for your mom or dad? “Excuse me, Mother? Father?” That's not what a little kid does! They cry, and they say, “Will you help me? I'm hurting!” And what does God say? “I will hear him?” No! He says, “I will answer him!” You see, loved one, He doesn’t just hear us, He answers us. 

And even more than that, He tells us that He will be with us in the trouble. This is so important for us to know—God does not always deliver us from trouble. In fact, I have found that in my own experience, rarely does He deliver us from trouble. Being delivered from the trouble, that's Plan A, that's what we all want, but it's not what we get. We usually get Plan B, He'll walk with us in the trouble until we’re out of the trouble.

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