The Most Glorious Revelation You Can Enter Into

The Most Glorious Revelation You Can Enter Into .jpeg

It saddens me that Romans 7:1-4 is such a neglected passage of Scripture by the Church, as it’s one of the most glorious revelations you will ever enter into.

There, we’re told that in Jesus Christ we have died to the law. A lot of people think that’s referring to ceremonial law, but if you continue to read you will see that coveting is spoken about, and we know that coveting is one of the big ten, listed in the Ten Commandments. So no, it can’t be ceremonial law. 

We have been delivered from the law, so that we 

might be married to another. 

You see, Adam plunged all of us into a relationship with the law; a relationship we were never intended to be in. Genesis 3:16 calls it the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” If you've ever wondered what that means, it just means the tree of right and wrong. This is the tree Adam was told not to eat from. We were never supposed to even know right and wrong.

When Adam and Eve ate from that tree, they plunged into the law. They went from having a relationship with a Person, to having a relationship with principles. That's why Genesis 3:16 tells us that it brought death. That death, beloved, had to be redeemed by another, we needed to be set free. Jesus did that for us. 

We have been delivered from the law so that we can now have a relationship with a Person and His name is Jesus! 

It’s also important to know that Romans 7:4 says that relationship is the only way to bear fruit. You will never bear fruit in the Christian life by following the law. You only bear fruit in the Christian life through expressing the living Life of Christ. 

“I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.”

John 15:5 (NASB)

The Christian life is all about fruit, and you can't have fruit if you don't have Life, and Life is only found in the person of Christ - it is never found in the law, that's why we had to be delivered from it.

Walk with Jesus, beloved, He alone can produce fruit in your life. We've been given a better principle, the principle of life instead of the principle of death. I hope this has encouraged your heart today. 

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