There’s Nothing God Won’t Do to Get to You

There’s Nothing God Won’t Do to Get to You .jpeg

In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus told Nathaniel that he was going to see angels ascending and descending from the throne of God. Basically He was saying that Eden was going to be reversed. You see, man was removed from the tree of life, but men are going to be restored to life - they will gain access to heaven.

When the Lord Jesus Christ died, the temple veil was torn in two when an earthquake hit. But there is something very unique and special about this that I want you to think about. If the rumbling ground of an earthquake tore that veil, wouldn't it have made sense for the veil to have torn from the bottom up? But that’s not what happened! 

When we read the Gospel accounts, they tell us the veil was torn from top to bottom. Beloved, it's almost as if God took that veil and ripped it in two Himself, saying, “Finally you have access to me!” 

But here's the thought I want you to think on today - is it possible that there was more to that veil being torn than just us finally having access to Him? Perhaps Father was also saying, “Finally, I have access to YOU! Finally, I can be all that I've longed to be to YOU, but could never be to you before, because sin separated us.” 

With sin gone, God could finally be all that He is to whatever we need in the moment of faith.

The day that God said, “Finally,” was maybe the day that He tore that veil from top to bottom. 

Oh, how He loves you. He wants to be more to us then you and I can imagine. Let's trust in faith, He who can do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all that we can ask or think. 

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