Walking By Faith

God is good, and He does only good ~   Psalm 119:68

God is good, and He does only good ~ Psalm 119:68

The Mantra I seek to give you is this: He promises to be all that He is to all that we need at the moment of faith. Well, if we're going to walk by faith, we need a definition of faith, and the Bible itself gives us that definition in Hebrews 11. It says that faith is the assurance of things not seen, faith is a confidence. It's a hope so real that when God speaks something we believe that it is true and we are able to walk in the path that He's called us to with absolute assurance. He goes on to further define that faith is the conviction of things not seen. Sometimes God will call us to something that we cannot see and perceive. But if God said it, it's true, even if we can't perceive it. 

I think of Noah; Noah believed God that it was going to rain. If we understand the pages of Genesis correctly, it had never, ever rained. But Noah believed God, to the point that he built a really, really big boat because God said there was going to be so much rain. 

The essence of faith is simply acting on what God has said, and so I trust you see, that by its very nature, faith has to be tested so that it can be proven so that we can continue to trust God for even bigger things. That is what the testing of our faith is all about.

The testing of our faith produces endurance, and the best illustration I can think of is stretchability. For example, take a new rubber band versus an old tested rubber band. When you get a brand new rubber band out of the package, you can only test it and pull it so far. But when you have a rubber band that is old, and it's been pulled and pulled and pulled, it can pull much farther. That's the idea here. Over time, God wants to test our faith so that we can trust Him for bigger things and, trust Him more courageously. That's what Genesis 22 is all about my friends. 

Notice that it says in verse one "after these things did God test Abraham." That's very important to understand! God didn't call Abraham in Genesis 12 and then in chapter 13 tell him that he was to sacrifice his son. No, no, no! There were decades where God continued to test Abraham and stretch him with, for example, Lot, and he had to battle with Chedorlaomer, and he had that long-awaited birth where God said He was going to give him a child, and he had to trust over the years that child would come. Only after all those things did God test in the manner in which He was going to test. 

We need to understand this, my friends, this test originated in the mind of God. This was not the enemy. This was God himself, and it's a test that seems so harsh. So, we first need to remember this life verse; it's a life verse for all of us. Psalm 119:68; “God is good, and He does only good.” Oh my beloved, memorize that verse. If you walk much longer in this world that we're in, you're going to need that verse.

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