What Every Hurting Person Needs to Know


There was a great onslaught against David, and he could have easily remained living horizontal and kept his eyes fixed on all the obstacles and pain around him. He could have stayed living horizontal, and looked at the wilderness he was living in instead of the throne room, but David says, “Oh no, I'm going vertical! You are my God!”

You see beloved when we encounter the adversities of life, one of the facts that we must remember is that God always holds on to us; whether we hold on to God or not though, that’s the choice we must make. And if we choose to stay horizontal, we will lose sight of God.

We must make the choice of the will to see past what is coming against us, to the God who is sitting on His throne. That is what David does, he says, “I am alone in this desert. Yet I am not alone!”

You see, in those trauma times of life, we can feel so alone, can’t we? We can feel like there's no one out there who gets us; even the one we're married to sometimes. When we're going through a traumatic time, we get the feeling that they really don't get us, and then we start to cry out, “Is there anyone out there who gets us?!” The answer is yes! Psalm 73 says, “Who do I have in heaven but you?” And then what did he say? “Who Do I have on earth but you?” Oh God, you get me.

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