What Legacy Are You Leaving?

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Heritage. Legacy. Ponder those words.

Where did King David, beloved King of Israel, author of the Psalms, a man after God’s own heart get his amazing heart?

Let’s start tracing back. Let’s look at where he came from. One of his ancestors was a woman named Ruth. Who was she? She was a Moabitess from a far country, one that was at war with Israel. A woman who, according to Deuteronomy wasn’t even allowed in the assembly of God. In the Book of Ruth Boaz took her as his wife and she was no longer a Moabitess. And where did Boaz get his heart? Well if you trace it back, his daddy was a man named Samon and he loved Rahab the prostitute. Do you begin to get the idea? All these people were touched by grace.

Hearts that have been touched by grace are the only ones that can pass on grace. I believe with all my heart that that’s what made David a man after God’s own heart. He wasn’t born with it. I believe he learned it from others, people who passed it down to him, a man who could unconditionally love a prostitute and a man who could unconditionally love a Moabitess.

It makes you start wondering, what are your kids are learning from you and your heart?

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