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Most of us Christians are constantly trying to fix ourselves.


We look in the mirror and we don’t like what we see looking back.
Our spiritual blemishes glare at us: faults, sins, and failures. We try to fix ourselves up, and we fail. So, we try harder. We might even succeed - only to fall again back into guilt and shame.

But… what if the problem isn’t us?
What if we are looking in the wrong mirror? What if we’re looking in a mirror that shows a warped image? What if the reflection staring back at you wasn’t a true depiction of who you are?

The sinful failure you see in the mirror was crucified with Christ.
You have been reborn, perfect and without spot or wrinkle. Father has performed a DIVINE MAKEOVER on you, and the results are truly impressive.


Frank invites you to join a study group unpacking this Good News.

Attend a small-group study via live video, where Frank shares his heart and answers questions.

  • Receive advance copies of Frank's upcoming book "The Divine Makeover".
  • Participate in discussions based on a reading plan.
  • Submit questions directly to Frank.

Week 2

Sept 5, 7:30 CT
"The Gift of Righteousness"

Week 1

Aug 17, 7:30 CT
"Death Reigns..."

Week 3

Sept 26, 7:30 CT
"The Abundance of Grace"

Week  4

Oct 17, 7:30 CT
"Reigning in Life"


Week 5

Oct 31, 7:30 CT
"Questions w/Frank"


To receive an invitation to this small group, make a donation of any size.